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By Kevin V. Hunt @KevintheScout

Hello!  I’d like to introduce myself and a new Scouting blogsite.    My name is Kevin Hunt – or on this new blogsite  I am KevintheScout Blogger.

And with this article, I formally introduce a new Scouting blogsite – a site for Scouters everywhere.  In a separate article I introduced me as Kevin the Blogger

Now I would like to introduce you to the site itself.  Yes, here’s a new blogsite: 

How and Where can the new kevinthescout blogsite be found?

Go on line and simply type in “”.  And Wala!  There you will have it.  And actually, I think you can just enter KevintheScout …  Give it a try!  Maybe you first have to train your computer to do this (by having the site in your memory.)

And once you are in the blogsite, you can request an e-mail communication to you with notification as yet another blog has been published.  I recommend this highly … don’t miss out on a single article!  And with regular communications, you will have opportunity to read the articles you have come to love and anticipate.

So, what is it all about?

I have found that Scouters everywhere have a fascination to learn more about the great Scouting program – the how-to’s, and the “Romance” of it all.  It is great fun to see the program in action and to see how others are making it happen successfully for the youth of the program.   We all need reminders that Scouting is alive and well.  We need to be inspired and uplifted.  We can all enjoy a good story now and again.

Of course, there is a plethora of on-line resources and information for the dedicated seeker of Scouting truth – and folklore.  Many councils have their own blogsites.  Still others subscribe to blogsites such as the Voice of Scouting ( to help spread the good word about Scouting, its time-tested virtues and values.  But, even so, there is kind of a dearth – and there’s room for more.  And I believe that the need is also out there.  We can not get enough help for our Scouting roles.  And sometimes it is just fun to reminisce about the “good ol’ days” and to stir up again our own memories.  (After all, don’t most things get better with time?  Dad’s story of walking to school two miles in the snow gets better with each retelling!)

Why my own blog site?

Well, a few reasons …  One is that most of the Scouting blogsites are kind of council or regionally based.  And the material on them – though excellent (most of them) may not appeal to folks beyond the purview of their target locale.  I believe that my site will be general and exciting enough to appeal to a broader Scouting base (but hopefully also, to the more local blogging communications).

A second reason that as a writer, it is sometimes hard to get material published in these other blogsites.  As noted above, there is kind of a council or regional scope of most Scouting blogsites.  They kind of have their brand of material and a schedule for when they want each article to publish.  So, it is not always easy to predict what they will or will not publish – or when.  With my own site, articles can be published at will and on a wider variety of subjects.  It may be good or bad, but I write kind of randomly.  Though I can and do write around specific theme (like excerpts from Scouting Trails Books that I have written) I also like the ability to write on kind of whatever hits me at the moment.  That might be about the 1973 Jamboree that I attended as a Scout, my old Troop 155, the pinewood derby that I attended last week with my grandson, a Superstition Mountains hike two weeks ago with my current pack (where I am the Cubmaster), the how of planning Scouting programs or why to use the Patrol Method.

Will my material continue to appear on other blogsites?

I hope that it will!  I will occasionally write for other blogsites (like for the council that operates the Scout camp where I will work during a given summer).  If asked to write on a specific subject, I would love to submit an article.  And I would especially love to have other blogsites see my articles and want to have them publish on their sites.

Who is the blogsite for?

The new site is for all Scouters everywhere.  While the site is primarily for adult leaders, there will be much content that youth might also enjoy (and which can be shared with them in campfire programs and other commemorative programs, Scouter’s Minutes, etc.).  Spread the word!  Invite all of your Scouting friends to join the fun and the blogging experience.

Can other Scouters submit articles for publication on KevintheScout? 

Sure!  I would love to see and publish good Scouting material from whatever the author or source included on the KevintheScout blogsite.  Maybe you have always wanted to write but didn’t know how to do it – or how to get it published on a Scouting site.  If you have an idea for an article, let me know.  (  You could submit your finished article (with good photos, too) and I can get it onto the website.  I could give access to those with proven ability and general appeal.  Or, if you are not a writer, but have seen or experienced a great Scouting moment, I would enjoy interviewing you and helping you create the article that you envision.  I would even come to your event (if you get me there) to cover it with on-hands experience, greater detail and personal enthusiasm!

So, what kind of stuff will appear on the KevintheScout blogsite?

I kind of covered that above – where I said that I am kind of random.  I like to publish articles on a variety of subjects – anytime, whenever, and wherever … on whatever … Anything Scouting.

But, just to give you an idea, here are some of my previously published blog titles.  I can predict that you will find more of the same on this new site.  So, on the KevintheScout blogsite, you’ll see articles on such things as …

The Patrol Method and “The CD Boss Hogs” | Voice of Scouting › Boy Scouting

Goodbye to my Scoutmaster Greatest of Scouters – Voice of Scouting › Building Youth

A Scout Prepared and a Life Saved | The Scouting Trail

Arizona Fauna Unique and Different  (  Oops …  I guess this one never published.  A case in point for having my own blogsite.  I promise to publish this for real on this new site!

Is the Pinewood Derby a Tradition in Your Family? To This Family It Is!

 The Making of My Bolo Tie Collection – The Boy Scout | Utah National …

Crosses to Bear and Scoutmasters Flip and Flop in Style  (This one accidentally got published on my site before it was really a site … good trick, huh?)

 Century of Honor Book and Grateful to be a Part of It  Also see: Mesa Man’s Book Chronicles 100 Years of Scouting in the LDS Church › Blog › November 2013

There’s Something About Camp, Scouts, Sticks, and Knives

 10 Keys to Successful Scouting

Well, I guess you get the picture.  Maybe these articles will “whet your whistle” for more.

 Oh, and a couple more things … Bloggers like to know if there is anyone out there who is actually reading their stuff.  It would be great to have you comment once in a while on my blogs that you read and enjoy.  Good comments help stimulate bloggers to keep doing it … to write some more.  Let me hear from you!

 And finally, if you like what you see and read on my blogsite, I plan to soon publish a collection of my blog articles on

 There are a few things already there … but I’ll keep you posted about new stuff!  (You will be the first to know!)

 And with that, welcome aboard!  I hope that you’ll check in often and enjoy many more Scouting blogs on the new KevintheScout blogsite.

 Best wishes to you on the Scouting Trail and on this your new blogging site!

 Kevin (The Scout Blogger)



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